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Transition Streets Frome
Starter Information

If you are here, that means you'll be kicking off your Transition Streets Frome group soon - hooray! We're really glad you are joining this powerful local movement. 

Below are some crucial links, documents and information to share with the people in your group. Please share this web page with them via email so that everyone can come to the first meeting with the same information.

  • Handbook - click here to access it (password = TSFrome2023)

    • The handbook provides all the material for sessions 2-7 and your group will focus on one chapter per meeting

    • You are able to view the complete document online using the link above but you are not able to download the handbook

    • We can give you a hard copy if you'd prefer - just ask your session 1 facilitator. 


  • Impact Monitoring Form: please use the link below to complete the impact monitoring online form which helps us track what changes the project is bringing to Frome


Here's an outline of your group's sessions...

















We hope you have all you need here, but if there is something missing or you want to ask questions please contact FNN Administrator Rebecca who would be happy to get back to you or to talk things through on the phone. 

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