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Starting a Street Group


If you haven’t got a Street Group set up, but you’d like to, here are some tips to get started:

Link in with one or two other neighbours first of all to talk it through if you can. Lots of people have found it’s nice to have other people to bounce ideas off so they don't feel like they are doing it all alone.

Decide how you’d like to stay in touch with the pople in your group e.g. WhatsApp, then put a note through the doors of the people in your street or the area you’ve decided your group will include.

Collate phone numbers/emails and set up whatever works for you – each street is different. Some prefer a Facebook group or WhatsApp, or email group. Bear in mind some neighbours won’t be online and may need a doorstep chat to stay included.

It works really well to link in together for something fun to start with. Perhaps you’d like to get involved in a community weeding day or organise a street art exhibition in your windows.


Come to one of the FNN workshops: SUPPORT YOUR STREET or KNOCK ON YOUR STREET are free sessions you can book in and learn how best to get started.

Still got questions or hit a bump in the road? Contact us! We're here to support you to make your Street Group as fantastic as possible. Get in touch to arrange to meet one of the FNN team for a cup of tea and a friendly chat.

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