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About FNN

Building connected, caring and resilient communities in Frome at the street and neighbourhood level

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Our Vision for Frome

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The Frome Neighbourhood Network (FNN) is a community organisation that exists to help build connected, caring, and resilient communities in Frome at the street and neighbourhood level.

Through the Network, street groups share ideas, inspiration and resources that can help to grow a sense of community in neighbourhoods. This is done through a regular newsletter with contributions from ‘Networkers’ in street groups across the town. The Network can also offer workshops such as: how to establish a street group, how to organise a street party and how to address neighbourhood disputes. The Network is evolving all the time, with new projects and activities growing out of the social connections being made in neighbourhoods.
FNN has a steering group (below) who are themselves ‘Networkers’ on the streets where they live. They have regular meetings to discuss the maintenance and development of the Network, to plan workshops and events and work towards the vision. If you are interested in joining the Steering Group, please get in touch.
Rebecca & Coco
FNN also has a part-time Administrator, Rebecca (and her trusty dog Coco!), who looks after the social media, website, newsletter & oversees the roll-out of the new Transition Streets project. This role is funded by a small grant from Frome Town Council.

Say Hello!

Please get in touch using the form below. If you need help with your group or for an upcoming event, or you'd just like to find out more or get involved - we'd love to hear from you!

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