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Transition Streets Frome - Food Quiz

Food Quiz

QUESTION 1:  What temperature should you set your fridge at? a) Below 7°c  b) Below 5°c  c) Below 3°c

ANSWER 1: Below 5°c - In fact, the average UK fridge temperature is set at at least 2°C too warm! This is terrible news for milk and other food items kept in the fridge, which can perish quickly when not stored at the right temperature. Use a cool bag to keep chilled food cool on the way home from the shops.

QUESTION 2: Which of these foods can you freeze? a) milk, b) bread, c) cheese, d) potatoes

ANSWER 2: ALL OF THEM! Lots of people don't realise it’s safe to freeze food right up to the use-by date, and then defrost in the fridge when you want it. In reality, you can freeze almost all foods (except those with a high water content, like lettuce or cucumber).If you need to freeze uncooked spuds, boil them for about five minutes and freeze them for later. When you want them, thaw overnight and roast the next day! Plastic containers are okay for freezing milk in, but the milk will expand so pour out a small amount before you freeze it (for example, in a cup of tea) to allow for this. Shake well before using.

QUESTION 3: Take a guess at what is the UK’s most wasted food…

ANSWER 3: POTATOES - The humble spud accounts for the largest quantity of avoidable food disposed of; 359,000 tonnes per year are thrown away, 49% (177,400 tonnes) of which are untouched. Bread slices account for the second food type most disposed of (328,000 tonnes per year), and apples the third (190,000 tonnes per year). Salad is disposed of in the greatest proportion - 45% of all salad purchased by weight will be thrown away uneaten.

QUESTION 4: Come up with at least 2 ways of using up bread that is past its best but still OK to eat….

ANSWER 4: Some ideas:

  • Freshen up - Put stale bread in the microwave for 10 seconds for a quick refresh.

  • Re-hydrate - Sprinkle a little water over stale bagels or pittas, and pop in the oven at 180°C for a few minutes to be delicious once more.

  • Prepare a whole loaf-load of sandwiches for the family in one go, and freeze in individual freezer bags or containers. Trust us, it’s a huge time-saver! Most fillings can be frozen, apart from salad and tomatoes.

  • Turn stale bread and leftover crusts into breadcrumbs by whizzing them up in a food processor. And we mean any type of bread! Bagels, rolls, or pittas work great, as well as the ends of your normal loaf. You can use breadcrumbs as crumble toppings, stuffing, thickenings for sauces, and breaded coatings for meat, fish or vegetables by mixing the breadcrumbs with an egg. You can even freeze breadcrumbs to use them straight from frozen later.

  • Bread and butter pudding - great with stale bread.


QUESTION 5: Which of the following date labels can you ignore? a) Best before, b) Use by, c) Display until/Sell by


‘Best before’ refers to quality: your food will be at its best before the date given. After this date, it might not be at its best, but it will still be safe to eat. Use your senses to make a judgement.

‘Use by’ refers to safety: you must not eat food past the ‘use by’ date. You cannot always smell the bacteria that causes food to spoil, so after the ‘use by’ date, the food may appear perfectly fine to eat, but could still lead to food poisoning.


Display until/sell by - these dates are for the retailers – not us at home. You don’t need to worry about these. Retailers are discussing getting rid of these entirely.

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