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Deadline to avoid £200 fee for Street Party road closures in Frome : 25th April

Changes made by the new Somerset unitary council mean that anyone applying for a road closure this year will now have to pay a fee of £200.


Thankfully, the lovely people at Frome Town Council have negotiated with them that FTC can put in ONE application to include all the street parties (and its own events) for this summer and FTC will cover the cost of that one application.


So, you can still apply for a free road closure for your community event, but to do so you must submit your road closure information to us by 25th April.


To have your application submitted with the FTC one, all you need to provide at this stage is:

  1. Date of road closure

  2. Time of road closure

  3. Map of the closed road (a screen shot of Google Maps image with the relevant road closure highlighted is OK)


Email these to with the subject heading "Street Party" by 25th April.


Nearer the time, you will need to submit the usual information to Somerset Council, such as your risk assessment, public liability insurance and road sign plan. Everything you need for this is here on the FTC website, and FNN can help you make sure you have all you need.

If your street group is thinking about an event this summer and you don’t want to pay a hefty fee, please get in contact with them now so that you can make a plan to meet the 25th April deadline for your road closure.


Frome Town Council have a dedicated page on their website for everything you’ll need to know about putting on a street party. If you need any help or guidance, please email us and we can set up a phone call with someone who can help you.


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